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Friday, September 16, 2011
About a year ago I started modeling the ship Icarus II from the 2007 movie Sunshine by Danny Boyle.  Easily one of the most underrated movies in my recent memory...  well acted, fantastic effects by the VFX powerhouse MPC (The Moving Picture Company) and a moving, enveloping score by John Murphy.

My previous modeling effort of this enormous, complicated ship met with difficulties and of course time constraints.  Therefore I shelved the project for approximately one year.  Recently I took the project back up again, looked over my old work, and said to myself, "Nope, this won't do!"  I proceeded to scrap all the old work, and start anew.  Thus this current build of the Icarus II was born...

I started the project on Sunday, September 11th, now 5 days into it I have the main part of the 'people part' of the ship approximately 80% complete...